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Below are the custom services that are provided for Heritage Pointe Association.


Flat Fee Schedule for Property Owner Association Matters Listed Below

Accounting & Administrative Services – Included

Mail quarterly statements/invoices for the collection of members' assessments. 
Collect and deposit assessments to Association's bank account. 
Carry out designated action on delinquent accounts (in house collections and work with attorney to provide reports).
Administer and pay all expenses incurred by the Association as approved by the Board. 
Prepare annual budget and evaluate with the Board. Prepare and distribute the annual fiscal budget for the Association. 
Prepare, review, analyze, and distribute quarterly financial reports. 
Maintain the Association's operating and reserve funds in separate accounts. 
Reconcile Association bank accounts on a monthly basis. 
Assist the Association's CPA with annual taxes, audits, compilation and reviews. 
Assist Board in recommendations on investing surplus and reserve funds. 
Facilitate all closing requirements and compile disclosure packages in a timely manner. 
Maintain availability to Board members. Respond in a timely manner to Association member's questions and concerns. 
Develop/Administer Community Website (*additional cost to develop a new website; no fee to maintain*)

Rules, Regulations and Compliance - Included

Enforce, at the Boards discretion, the Association governing documents.  
Agent will provide one (1) monthly inspection of all homes to ensure compliance.
Prepare and send violation notices. Maintain documentation and records of violations.  

*The following are additional compensated expenses that are not included in custom package above:

All costs of Association letterhead, mailing labels, envelopes, postage, and supplies used “exclusively” for the Association shall be an expense of the Association as evidenced by quarterly billings and/or invoices. There shall be no charge for time or processing by the Agent in the preparation of the above.
One-time fee to create and setup new files 
Create Website (no fee to maintain after set up)
Develop bid specifications, solicit and negotiate bids for service/repair for Board’s review.
Any compensation for requested services deemed necessary by the Board of Directors not mentioned in this representation agreement will be negotiated at the time the request is made.